Grill LightHit reset on your health with the grill


It’s the first days of 2019 and it is possible you’re feeling a little guilt about the excessive feasting and second, third and fifth helpings you allowed yourselves over the holidays. Before you decide to plunge fork first into a crash diet, there are gentler ways that you can eat healthy and give your body a much needed ‘detox’.  

For a start, grill your meals. Not only does Weber grilling amplify the flavor of your food, it is also healthier as there no excess grease and drippings pooling on your plate.  

Next, eat with intention. Cherish every bite and flavor, and be picky: choose lighter foods like chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits, instead of reaching for whatever that is convenient. But just because they’re healthier doesn’t mean they have to be bland and unappetizing, like a steamy plate of Whole Grilled Masala Fish with a twist of lime!  

Another trick you can add to your sleeve is to take care with your food presentation. Remember the times when you felt pangs of hunger while watching salivating dishes made on a cooking show? We eat with our eyes first (and our cameras second). Even if you typically won’t choose a vegetable dish for a main, seeing creamy mozarella sandwiched and oozing out from this grilled Aubergine and Courgette Towerwill surely change your appetite for greens!  

If you really can’t imagine enjoying a meal without meat—that’s fine too. Eating healthy doesn’t mean forgoing what you love. But instead of having the salad as a side to your steak, switch it around. Recipes like our Brussel Sprouts with Grilled Shallots and Chorizo Sausageincreases your intake of vegetables without barring you from enjoying meat.

~ Steam with a grill ~

Did you know you can steam with your Weber grill? You just need the GBS Wok Set with Steaming Rack. Get started with a recipe for Steamed Codfish in Superior Sauce.