Grilling an Easier Kabob


Kabobs are great for the grill, with endless possibilities to fulfill anyone's palate.  Next time kabobs are on the menu, take the hassle out of individual skewers and deploy Weber’s kabob holder.  It makes kabobs easier.

My wife, Zoe, has a favorite meal: anything “on a stick.”  Not surprisingly, kabobs are popular in our backyard.  If it can be skewered, it gets grilled. Skewered food has two big benefits: it’s easily manipulated on the grill, and once cooked, it’s easy to eat.  Essentially, I’m not dropping food between the grates, and I’m grilling bite size pieces.  Nothing gets lost, and I’m eating faster.  Win win.

While there are lots of benefits to skewers, there is a downside. Namely, the metal skewers come off the grill hot, and can be hard to move safely.  I have scars on my arm from a tragic kabob carrying incident proving this very point. Balancing a plate full of hot loose skewers in one hand, while opening the door with the other, didn’t end well. Enter Weber’s kabob holder.  Not only are the skewers flat, which help the food from rotating around, the rack helps keep everything in place.  Kabob grilling has never been easier. Admittedly, I was little skeptical when I first tried the rack.  Since the rack holds the skewers, the meat was not touching the grate.  The purist griller in me kept saying, “it has to be on the grate!”  

Well, no it doesn’t.  Especially with kabobs.  No matter the protein being used, the cook is hot and fast.  For these beef skewers, it was 4-6 minutes on one side, and then a quick rotate with the easy to use notches in the kebab rack, 4-6 minutes on the other.

Not only where the results spectacular, I really could use one gloved hand to move the rack from the grill to the kitchen.  I’ve found a new tool for kebabs, and it couldn’t come sooner.  I have a pretty good idea what type of meal Zoe’s going to want this weekend.