Get Ready for Year End Festivities

It’s almost that time of year! The Christmas lights and presents under the tree. Get into the spirit of the festivities with our recommended grills and accessories. Send your family and friends your love or enjoy at home with your family.

From your Christmas presents to the end of year cleaning sets, we have it here!

For the Smoking Enthusiast Smoking Delight Set

Spice up your Christmas Chicken with a hint of Apple woodchips or decorate your dinner with Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon.

These are Weber’s easy-to-use smoking sets.

Offer ends December 20!

For the At Home Chefs 57cm Premium Kettle w/ Dutch Oven

Enjoy Whole Chicken or Roast Beef on our Premium Kettle charcoal grill. Right now, when you purchase the Premium Kettle, we will send you a Dutch Oven for free.

Soup, stew, pasta, rice anything is possible! 

Offer ends December 20!

For the Cleaning Maniacs Cleaning Set

Clean your grills to make them sparkling when you welcome the new year.

Here are easy steps to clean your grills: Heat it up, scrape off all debris with the grilling brush, then take the Scraper to scrape off all debris inside your grill under the grates. 

Offer ends December 20!

For the Smart Grillers iGrill Mini

No more guessing on when your food is ready with the Weber iGrill Mini! This app-connected thermometer monitors the status of your food, and notifies you when done to perfection.

Offer ends December 20!


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