New Weber® Genesis® and Spirit® Smart Gas Grills

New Weber® Genesis® and Spirit® Smart Gas Grills

Announcing New Weber® Genesis® and Spirit® Smart Gas Grills

Palatine, Ill. – Spring 2021 – Weber-Stephen Products LLC, (Weber), the world’s leader in innovative, high-performance grilling, introduced today new smart grills to its top-selling Genesis® and Spirit® gas grill lines. The Genesis EX-315, Genesis EX-335, and Genesis SX-335, and Spirit SX-315 grills fuse the brand’s Weber Connectä technology with its industry-leading gas grills. Weber Connect technology is a precision grilling platform that makes grilling the perfect meal simple for every level of cook via a breakthrough WiFi and smartphone-enabled step-by-step grilling experience.

“Every week, we field thousands of questions from BBQ enthusiasts around the world on how to grill different foods just right,” said Chris Scherzinger, CEO of Weber. “We created our new Genesis and Spirit smart grills to accelerate the grilling learning curve, which previously was only achievable through practice over time. Each of these smart grills brings 70 years of Weber know-how, technique, and expertise right to a griller’s fingertips through the Weber Connect cook programs and artificial intelligence – making them the ultimate outdoor allies for any aspiring griller. The results are a more enjoyable and convenient grilling experience that creates delicious grilled food every time.” 

About Integrated Weber Connect Technology in the 2021 Genesis and Spirit Smart Grills

Weber product and software engineers developed the new Genesis and Spirit smart grills to meet the needs of modern outdoor cooking for a range of grillers, from those just starting to the advanced. 

Weber Connect technology, now integrated into the grills, consists of high-tech temperature probes, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and an engaging smartphone app experience. This technology allows Weber smart grills to adapt to each griller’s individual cooking needs - from hands-on guided grilling programs to new recipes to temperature tracking and food doneness monitoring. Outdoor cooking enthusiasts can utilize Weber Connect technology via an integrated LED display located in each grill’s side table or through the Weber Connect app on their phone. 

Genesis and Spirit smart grills give grillers the inside edge on what’s happening under the lid with:

  • Synchronous Grilling Results. Through a digital display on the grill, outdoor cooks can tap into Weber Connect technology’s precision and accuracy with an easy-to-use visual dashboard that charts their cooking experience. 
  • Real-Time Food Monitoring and Grill Notifications. Grillers can now view their food's cooking progress without lifting the lid via audible temperature notifications at the grill or by simply glancing at their smartphone.
  • Instant Flip and Serve Readouts. In-app alerts let grillers know when to flip their food and when it’s the perfect temperature to serve.
  • Step-by-Step Grilling Assistance. This feature is for every level of griller. Weber Connect technology’s guided grilling programs provide confidence and peace of mind that food will never be under or overcooked again, just perfect each and every time.
  • WiFi Connectivity. Outdoor cooks can stay tapped into what’s happening in their grill while making time to socialize with family and guests or check on dessert in the oven. 
  • Grilling Inspiration. With a wide variety of recipes, grillers can seek new inspiration to feed their grilling creativity and skill development.
  • Grill Fuel Level Monitoring. Cooks can quickly check how much fuel is in the tank, either at the grill itself or on their smartphone.

Additional Features of the New Genesis and Spirit Smart Grills

Every Weber gas grill reflects company founder George Stephen’s vision of creating a fundamentally better way to grill and the joy of bringing people together to enjoy an unforgettable meal outside. Pulling forward 70 years of innovation, state-of-the-art technology, precision, and a deep understanding of how people grill, Weber’s passionate engineers meticulously design every Weber grill to exceed its owners' expectations and delight those they have invited to join them around the grill.

Weber’s flagship line of Genesis grills is ideal for the griller looking for a full-sized, standup grill. Designed to be unlike any other on the market, Genesis grills elevate the grilling experience with their sheer power, performance, durability, and versatility. 

The 2021 Genesis smart grills include Genesis EX-315 ($1,029.00), EX-335 ($1,239.00), and SX-335 ($1,349,00) products. These grills feature integrated Weber Connect technology, three industry-leading high-heat burners, a Sear Zone, 669 square inches of grilling space, and a LED lighting package for nighttime grilling. Genesis smart grills also include a folding warming rack, porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, and a porcelain-enameled lid. Additionally, the Genesis EX-335 and SX-335 grills offer a side burner, while the Genesis SX-335 grill adds a stainless steel lid and cooking grates.

Weber Spirit gas grill models are for grilling fans seeking best-in-class quality, reliability, and durability in a mid-sized, standup grill. This grill line is designed to fit in any backyard, patio, or large balcony.

With 529 square inches of grilling space, the Spirit SX-315 ($849.00) smart grills offer all of the fan-favorite features of a standard Spirit grill, including a warming rack, porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, and porcelain-enameled lid, plus the addition of integrated Weber Connect technology.

The new Genesis and Spirit smart grills build on Weber’s connected grilling innovation program, which focuses on tapping into digital technology to transform the backyard cooking experience through advanced product design. Weber introduced its first connected grilling product, the Weber Connect Hub, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2020. The Weber Connect Hub turns any grill into a smart grill. It's a first of its kind, step-by-step grilling assistant that sends notifications directly to a smartphone on everything from grill set up to when food is ready to flip, serve, and eat. In January 2021, Weber acquired June, its technology development partner for its Weber Connect technology platform.

The 2021 Genesis and Spirit smart gas grills are available in Black or Stainless Steel finishes. All models feature a 10-year limited warranty.

The Weber Genesis and Spirit smart grills are available for purchase in the Spring of 2021, on and from select home and garden retail partners worldwide. For more information on these new smart grills, visit


Weber-Stephen Products LLC began perfecting grilling in 1952 with the invention of the revolutionary Weber® Kettle Grill. Decades later, Weber now leads the grilling marketplace with charcoal, gas, pellet, and electric grills and accessories. The company offers outdoor cooking enthusiasts worldwide innovative new products, techniques, and expertise, that help its loyal fans Discover What's Possible. In 2021, Weber acquired June, a smart appliance and technology company that created the June smart oven and JuneOS, to accelerate the development of its Weber Connect technology, digital products, and experiences.

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