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Grill Academy AQUA CiTY Odaiba
Weber Grill Academy

Grill Academy AQUA CiTY Odaiba

Located on the roof top of The Aqua City Odaiba Mall, which was built with the theme ”the Tokyo resort island”. The mall is a shopping complex that is located in the seaside district where you can view the ocean and feel the sky. The mall offers various restaurants, cafés, and a movie theater, as well as other retail shops.

From our BBQ park, you can see the Rainbow Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and the Tokyo Bay. Free Wi-Fi service is available in the park.

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The Team
The Team

Chef: Kensuke Bookman

  1. What is your role at Weber?
    I am a chef at Weber Grill Academy in Japan, responsible for teaching the Weber Way of grilling. Taking customers through the experience of how easy and delicious BBQ is on a Weber is my goal. Recipe creation for Grill Academy and Weber Park Odaiba as well as organizing BBQ events are also part of my role here.

  2. How would you describe your cooking style?
    With a background of growing up in the US and having a BBQ grill in my backyard, as well as the many experiences in Japanese Kaiseki cuisine, it has made me realize how important seasonal ingredients are and how it could affect Japanese customers to like what we can do with our grills.

    My cooking style is using the best of both worlds – BBQ and Japanese cuisine.

    It was almost a daily event to grill growing up. Once a week, more than 20 people would gather at our house for a Grill-a-Thon! In my career after graduating from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, I have specialized in the field of Japanese Cuisine. Some of my experiences include restaurant management, export sales manager at a food manufacturer, and R&D creating new Japanese dishes. Having both Western and Japanese food cultures in my life and knowing both cuisine styles has shaped my cooking style to what it is today. Ingredients you get in Japan are of the highest qualities in the world - anything you grill here will be extraordinary.  

  3. What is your signature dish?
    Garam Masala flavored Smoked Salmon on Cedar Plank.
    It is a very simple recipe where you put the Garam Masala seasoned Salmon on the Cedar Plank. You get a soft and flavorsome salmon with a hint of smoke.

    Size of fillets – small size comes out great and for a more awesome photo-op, I recommend the big size fillets! It will get you the wows and the awes from your family and friends.

    I also teach this dish at my Grill Academy classes, so please join me!

  4. Top tips for Barbecuing?
    Grill it the Weber Way!

    This is the best way of grilling and anyone who cooks on a Weber will be sure to get great outcomes.
    Weber Way of grilling has been passed on for over 65 years and we know this is the way for even a first time griller to become a backyard hero. You do not need premium Wagyu beef. You only need the Weber Way.
    Please join me in this experience of Weber Way as I teach during my Grill Academy classes, including the 3Ts that we consider important – time, temperature and technique.

Getting there Getting there by car


From Rainbow Bridge: ""Daiba Exit"" on Metropolitan expressway 11 Daiba Line. Approx. 3 minutes from exit.

From Yokohama or Haneda area: ""Rinkai Fukutoshin Exit"" on Bay Coast Expressway. 1 minute from exit.

From Chiba direction: ""Ariake Exit"" on Bay Coast Expressway. Approx. 5 minutes from exit.

PARKING: Please park in 24 hours parking for Aqua City.

Getting there Getting there by public transport

Yurikamome: Approx. 1 min walk from Daiba station

Rinkai Line: Approx. 6 min walk from Tokyo Teleport station

Next available courses

  1. Saturday  


    01:00 pm - 03:00 pm

    Weber Grill Academy

    Grill Academy AQUA CiTY Odaiba


    ¥ 5,000 Only 5 left!
  2. Saturday  


    01:00 pm - 03:00 pm

    Weber Grill Academy

    Grill Academy AQUA CiTY Odaiba


    ¥ 5,000 Available
  3. Friday  


    05:15 pm - 08:15 pm

    Weber Grill Academy

    Grill Academy AQUA CiTY Odaiba


    ¥ 17,000 Available