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Discover Grilling

Discover Grilling

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  • 2 Hour(s)



グリルを初めて使用する場合でも、基本に戻りたい経験豊富なグリル職人でも、Discove Grillingコースはどなたでも参加できます。


New to grilling? Improve your barbecue game and discover the world of Weber grills. This basic introductory 2-hour course will teach you how to achieve consistently great results. You will be introduced to the various types of grills, learn must-have barbecue skills such as, lighting up your grill, controlling temperature, 5 Ts of Barbecue, maintaining your grill and much more. 

As part of this course you’ll be placed into groups together with other participants to prepare and grill the salmon, steak and vegetables collectively.

Whether you’re new to grilling or an experienced griller who wants to go back to basics, everyone is welcome to join our Discover Grilling Course.

*Grill Academy Aoyama uses Gas Grills and Electric
*This lesson includes a BBQ menu and free soft drinks.
*Additionally guests will receive recipes, and a certificate.

  • 初心者向けのコース | ENTRY LEVEL COURSE
  • 時間: 2時間 | DURATION: 2 HOURS
  • メニュー: 3品 | 3 COURSE MENU
  • 参加費: 5,000円 | PRICE: ¥5,000
3 Course Menu
  1. 1st Starter  
    Starter: シダーサーモン(ガスグリル) | Cedar Plank King Salmon Filet (Gas Grill)  
  2. 2nd Main  
    Main: サーロインステーキ | Sirloin Steaks (Charcoal Grill)  
  3. 3rd Side  
    Side: グリル野菜 | Grilled Vegetables (Electric Grill)
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