Adding Smoke Flavors To Your Turkey


Follow a 3:1 ratio of cherry and hickory if you are using wood chunks in a kettle, double the ratio for a smoker.  In a smoker, you will want to put the 6 wood chunks on the charcoal grate in an X shape, then layer on the unlit and then the lit charcoal. For the kettle you can just add the 4 wood chunks to the top of the lit charcoal.

You will use wood chips on a gas grill.  Use 2 handfuls of cherry for every handful of hickory. Soak the wood chips in water or beer for anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours before grilling.

If you are looking for a lighter smoke flavor, just do half of the amounts.

You can use the smoker box with the rotisserie burner. That is an excellent way to add more flavors to your food while it is on the rotisserie. 

The woods will cause your turkey to cook a little bit darker so be sure to use a cheesecloth for the first half of the smoke and get our tips for adjusting the color here

Only add the wood for the first half of your cook. Anything more will not really add flavor to the turkey. 

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