Change Your Burger Habits - Try a Brand New Bun!


So, you’ve been grilling burgers the same way for years.  Whether it’s for your family or friends, we all have our favorites that we always go back to.  It seems that there are lots of new recipes for Veggie Burgers, Turkey Burgers, Chicken Burgers and even Bison Burgers online, but one thing tends to stay the same….the BUN!  There’s wheat buns and white buns, but that’s about it.

Why not try a toasted English muffin instead of a traditional Burger Bun?  You can grill up any kind of burger you like, just change up the bun.  You won’t lose the juices from your burger since they seep into the crevices of the English muffin.  By toasting the English muffin first, your “bun” has a nice crispy texture.

You can try a Brand New Bun and a chance to win a Brand New Grill!   Enter Bays Burger Days Sweepstakes through September 6.  Bays English Muffins is giving away 30 Weber® Q®1200™ gas grills in 30 Days.  To enter, Go to the Bays English Muffins Page on Facebook and click on the Bays Burger Days application on the left side of the page. 

Check out this recipe for BBQ-Peach Turkey Burgers.  Try all four varieties:  Original, Multi-Grain, Sourdough and Honey Wheat – they all work well with your next Burger Bash!