Beer Lover's Day


For as long as I’ve enjoyed firing up my Webers, I’ve enjoyed a good beer. Keep in mind I said “good” beer. A long time ago, I learned a simple truism: Words don’t convey meaning, people do. My “good” is most likely different than your “good,” especially when it comes to a pint. However, I’m sure the one thing we can agree on is we both enjoy our “goods.”


My grill deck has always been my happy place. As I once opined, “it’s where everything melts away, and I really enjoy myself.”  Beer has often been the lubricant to make it happen. It’s probably why I have a bottle opener on a close by railing. It may also be why I started a blog called “Another Pint Please.”


I’m not the only one who celebrates the link between grilling and (insert favorite beer of your choice.) Every day I see countless pictures across social media of fellow Weber enthusiasts firing up their grills with glasses, bottles, or cans of their favorite frothy beverage.  Much like every type of Weber, I see every type of beer. Lagers, ales, pilsners, stouts, and every sub-style and derivative possible.


Sometimes, beer is cracked to celebrate the arrival of dinner. Other times, to count how long till dinner. Sometimes beer is the destination, and others it’s the journey.


The one commonality? They are all “good!” Cheers!