Can I Use Bulk Liquid Propane with My LP Grill?


Yes, you can! Out of the box, our LP grills are designed to run off the standard 20-lb LP tanks. You can find these tanks at most major hardware stores, convenience stores, or gas stations. We now make special bulk LP installation kits for most of our grills that can be purchased to use a bulk LP tank.

Many grill owners, especially those in rural areas, have what we call a “bulk propane system”. They are essentially really large propane tanks, 40 lbs. or larger, that are used to power their household appliances and can also be used to run an LP grill.

So let’s say you move to a house with one of these bulk LP tanks and bring your LP Weber grill with you. After a few weeks or months you find that you’re tired of refilling or exchanging your LP tank and want to use your bulk LP tank to run your grill.

We have a solution! We offer bulk LP installation kits for most of our LP grills. Bulk LP kits are offered for LP to bulk LP only and they aren’t available for natural gas. Currently, these LP to bulk LP installation kits are available for US customer only. We recommend the installation be done by a licensed installer, plumber or authorized gas professional. 

The bulk LP kits can be ordered over the phone through Customer Service at 800-446-1071. Depending on your grill model, the kits range in price from $50 to $80. Have your grill’s serial number ready when you call. Click here for help locating the serial number on your grill.

Bulk LP Benefits:

1.  No more trips to the store or LP tank filler - At your convenience, bulk LP tanks are refilled or replaced at your residence. No more lugging the LP tank to and from the store means you’ll have to get your exercise somewhere else. This also saves you time so you can focus more on grilling.

2.  You have the peace of mind knowing you won’t be caught off guard in the middle of grilling with an empty LP tank - We’ve all been there and that’s not a good place to be!

3.  Regular visual safety checks of the LP tank on each refill or deliver - On-site inspection done by gas professional.

4.  No gas wastage - As an example, say you’re going to be grilling some ribs using the low and slow method and you notice you’re not going to have enough propane. Many times people will swap tanks with gas still in them to ensure they have enough.

5.  Less wear and tear than standard LP tanks - Exchange tanks are used by many people throughout their lifespan and not everyone takes the best care of them. Don’t let a dirty looking tank detract from the look of your beautiful grill.