Can I Modify My Grill?


Here at Weber, we do our best to make a grill for everyone. For example, just this year alone (2016) we have 73 different models available, and that doesn’t even include our exclusive or special edition models.

Despite having so many different options, there will always be someone who wants their grill to be a just a little bit different than the way we’ve designed them, and that’s understandable because everyone loves having something customized for their particular needs.

Almost every day someone will reach out to us with a question about modifying their grill to suit a specific situation. Some people want to take off the tables on our full size gas grills to fit them into a smaller space. Others want to add features to their grills that they did not originally come with, such as side burners or infrared burners. The list of changes people want to make could go on forever.

The problem with that is that any modification to a Weber grill that alters it from its original, factory intended design will void the warranty. The reason for this is that our R&D teams have put a ton of time, thought and effort into the design of each Weber model. After the design phase, each Weber model undergoes a rigorous round of testing before being approved for sale. Once a grill has been modified we can’t predict how it is going to function, how well it will hold up over time or if it will even be safe to use.

So while it may be disappointing to learn that it’s not ok to modify your grill it is pretty important to make sure that your grilling experience will be a safe one, with predictable results and to have the benefits of our awesome, best-in-class warranties.