When A Classic Comes Home


It’s not every day one comes across a Weber Imperial Sequoia.  When you do, you cherish it, hug it and hold on to it and grill on it like it was George Stephen’s backyard grill.

The Imperial Sequoia was first introduced in 1968.  Described by Weber at the time as “a new plateau in outdoor living by combining the beautiful Weber Kettle with redwood from the stately forest of northern California,” the sequoia came in three colors:  Red, Avocado and Coppertone or as grill enthusiasts like to call it “The Brownie.”  

A fourth color, Black was added in 1969 and was later changed to be called “The Cardinal.”  These beautiful grills were produced until the late 1980s.

Now, some of you may ask:  What’s the significance of this?  The answer to that depends on who you ask.  Classic, vintage Weber grills are like old cars.  At the time they were meant to be used.  People didn’t sit around and just look at them and say, “Wow, that’s a mighty nice looking grill you have!”  They cooked on them, entertained with them and used them to the best of their abilities. 

So to come across a vintage Imperial Sequoia in great condition is like finding the needle in a haystack.  They are out there, but not easy to find.  When one does find one, getting the owner to part with it is even harder. 

To say a classic comes home is an understatement.  The Weber Imperial Sequoia was a revolutionary of its time.  It combined convenience with versatility in a time when the BBQ market was just getting started!  Weber invented BBQ innovation before it was even a word!!

We welcomed this grill back to the Weber Stephen family a short time ago and keep it on display at the Weber Grill Restaurant in Schaumburg, IL.  With this grill we can say…. she has come home, home to where Weber BBQ started and a place where BBQ will always be cherished.   George had a dream, he invented a lifestyle and now we have a piece of bbq history we will always be able to celebrate.

If you are ever in the Northwest suburbs and want to see a piece of BBQ history, come by the restaurant, I will personally introduce you!