I Love My Weber. No Really, I Seriously Do.


I love my Weber. No really, I seriously do. I hear it all the time from the guy next to me on the plane, the woman across from my at a meeting, or the intern who I just hired who will literally work for burgers fresh from the grill. Have you ever heard someone say, “Man, I totally love my stove!” Yeah, me neither. But, to know Weber is to love Weber. Why? Because, we will be there, cheering you on as you flip that steak and then present it to your family. We are there as you put that lobster on the grate for the first time or your burger on the grate for the thousandth time. We will never let you down. It’s our promise and our guarantee. And as our friend John from New Jersey said, “Thank you Weber. It’s my buddy. It never disappoints me.”