Gifts For The Grillmaster


While she never believes me, I’ve always told my wife I’m easy to shop for. It’s simple, I typically like things that either plug into a wall, go on my grill, or in my belly.

While I may cut her some slack on the gadget front, the grill and belly ideas are pretty straightforward.  For instance, when I’m looking to get gifts for my grilling family and friends, here are the types of things I would love to see under my tree.

Gloves and an apron

I know what you are thinking, gloves and an apron? These are gift ideas?! He might as well have recommended fruit cake. No, seriously. This isn’t a joke. Weber’s Premium Barbecue Gloves are indispensable in my backyard.

Whether I use them to hold my charcoal chimney full of lit coals, add wood chips to the kettle, or not burn my hands on a hot rotisserie spit, I never grill without them. Best yet, it’s winter and they keep my hands warm.

Do you know how many shirts I’ve ruined grilling? Not anymore, I’m always in an apron and while I have a ton of aprons in the basement, I’m tied, literally, to my Weber Barbecue Aprons. They are lightweight, tough, and clean up great. My wardrobe thanks them.


Winter months in the midwest means it gets dark early. Suddenly a trip to the grill involves food and a flashlight. Fortunately, I have my backyard lit to ward off a prison escape.  However, I have friends who prefer more ambient lighting than the task lighting floods I fire up with the grill. For this reason, the Weber Grill Out Handle Light is just the tool to illuminate the cooking grate on your gas grill.  Grilling on a kettle?  A headlamp is a great hands free alternative. 

Gourmet BBQ System

Looking for the ultimate gift for the dedicated griller in your life? Consider Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System, a system of grates and cookware designed to bring even more versatility and use to your grill. I cannot live without my GBS griddle, Korean BBQ, or Wok. It’s the perfect gift for the griller that thinks they already have it all.