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Must Have Accessories For Grilling a Turkey on a Gas Grill

3 Must Have


1. Smoker Box
Add a smoker box to any gas grill to turn your grill into a smoker. Soak wood chips for 30 minutes in water and then add them to the box. Get more tips on smoking on your gas grill here

Smoker Box 7576 17

2. iGrill
Turkeys take a long time to cook and with the colder weather that most of us have in November, you are going to want your grill to stay nice and warm, so that means no peeking! This is where the iGrill comes in! The iGrill is an app-connected thermometer that will send alerts right to your phone about the internal doneness of the turkey. Trust me, you are going to be thankful for this accessory!  

Grilled Turkey On Roasting Rack With I Grill2 On Summit Gas 24

3. Drip Pans
Use these pans under your turkey to catch drippings and keep your grill clean! Use them under the grates if you need extra clearance height for your rotisserie turkey. 

Drip Pans 6416 4

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