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Installing iGrill 3 in 10 Quick Steps

Install your iGrill 3 into your grill with these quick steps!

  • Remove screws behind “iGrill 3 ready” plate.
  • Remove LED Fuel Gauge.
  • Ensure tank scale has one magnet installed if using a Genesis II. If using a Genesis II LX, a magnet will already be installed in which case you can set aside the magnet included with your iGrill 3.
  • Install bracket underneath side table.
  • Install three fresh AA batteries into the battery box and mount it using the bracket.
  • Plug in the battery cable connection to the iGrill 3.
  • Snap iGrill 3 into its place; no screws required!
  • Clean surface wire before applying wire clip, then peel and stick.
  • Secure all wires using the wire retention clip.
  • Download Weber iGrill app to your smart phone or tablet, pair through the app, plug in the probes, and get to grilling!

Once your iGrill 3 has been successfully installed into your Genesis II or Genesis II LX grill and your iGrill 3 is paired to your smart phone or tablet, you can take advantage of temperature presets, grilling alerts, tank scale and sensor kit (for liquid propane Genesis II grills), and more!