The Most Amazing Ribs I Ever Ate


There are ribs and then there are RIBS!

Never has that been truer than the day I met Eric Solton (aka the Solton of Smoke). We were taping one of our fantastic testimonials in Los Angeles, California, about real Weber consumers when it happened: I had the best ribs I’ve ever eaten!

Let me tell you, I’ve had my fair share of ribs in the nearly 20 years I’ve been with Weber -- from Memphis to Kansas City. Eric was a maestro of the meat. A Whiz of the Weber. After having smoked the ribs on his Smokey Mountain cooker for a few hours, he took them off and laid them on a large piece of foil.

I watched him spread a layer of brown sugar across the ribs. Followed by squeeze butter.  And then what was this? Apricot juice? Now this was something I had never seen before! I was sure they would be too sweet. They couldn’t possibly work that way.

Wrapping them in foil (the Texas crutch) I watched him put them on the grill. We waited. Finally, the moment of truth arrived. I took one rib and walked into the other room.

I took a bite... And then another, and then another! Oh what wonder! That concoction had created the perfect barbecue sauce right there in the foil! I was in love! The apricot juice had tenderized the meat to pure perfection. To this date, no one has made ribs for me better than Eric. Hats off (and napkins ready!) Eric!