Easy maintenance to keep your charcoal grill going strong!

Meal-to-Meal Cleaning Tips for your Charcoal Grill


Cleaning your grill between grilling sessions is easy. The key is to clean off the debris left on the grates from your last meal. I know that I wouldn't want my pizza to taste like the fish I grilled last night!

The main thing to do is to preheat your grill on high for 10-15 minutes. This will burn off the food bits that were left on the grates. Then brush the grates clean using a stainless steel grill brush. We have a couple of options that you can check out. For the grates, you will want to try either the T-brush or the bamboo brush. The other brushes that we offer are great for detailed cleaning.  You don't need to wash your grates between grilling sessions, preheating will really clean the grates nicely.

Check and empty all ashes and unburnt charcoal from the bowl and ash catcher before you grill. Your charcoal will burn easier, and no burning ash will end up outside the grill.

Now you are ready to fire up your grill again!