Can I Take My Grill To Another Country?


The world’s a big place, and you can find Weber grills practically anywhere you go, but that doesn’t mean that a Weber gas grill can be used anywhere in the world. Something that can get overlooked is that the fuel supplies available in each different country can vary.

The types of fuel, mixtures, flow rates, pressures and local regulations can all change once you cross an international border. It’s due to these reasons that Weber grills are designed for use in the specific countries and regions in which they are sold. For instance, you can’t buy a Weber Summit model in Germany and bring it to the United States and expect it to be functional, or vice versa.

Additionally, converting or modifying a gas grill to utilize a fuel source for which it wasn’t designed is not an option. Taking a gas grill into a country for which it was not designed to be used in, or converting/modifying a gas grill will void the warranty on the unit.

Learning this can be rather disappointing, especially if you’ve already had your Weber grill transported from one country to another, but there are safety factors and regulations to be considered, which result in the present situation. 

However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you buy a gas grill in North America, it can be taken anywhere within North America and will work and the warranty is kept intact. This is because the fuel sources available in Canada, the US and Mexico are all the same.

We advise checking with your local Weber Customer Service team or Weber Dealer before you take your gas grill across international boundaries for specific advice regarding the consequences.

Gas grills tend to be the most problematic for international travel, but there are things to consider regarding taking charcoal models from country to country. Local regulations can pertain to how charcoal can be used, and in some cases it may not be legal to use charcoal at all.

With this in mind, we recommend checking with the Customer Service team for the country for which you intend to bring the grill.