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Why Weber?

It’s my best friend. It makes me a success. I never have to worry. It just works.

These were the common themes amongst our consumers who allowed us to come into their homes and tape them grilling their favorite dishes for friends and family.  This was no small feat for those who opted to be a part of our testimonials—we invaded their homes with a very large crew and took over for a full day—all for the love of the grill.

The testimonials were 100% unscripted and we just allowed our consumers to tell us about why they chose to buy a Weber and why they enjoy grilling. It was all the genuine love of making perfect meals for their family and how it enhances their lives. I will admit, I still cry when I watch them. And I watch them often.

At Weber there is a passion for making the perfect product that is echoed in each of our consumer’s voices. From the Flavorizer® bars keeping their food from burning or how the lid of the charcoal grill creates the ultimate in convection cooking for the ultimate Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, each consumer has a reason why the Weber grill is part of the family. \

Please take some time out today, watch a few of our videos, and find out why Weber is just better. 

Watch testimonial videos here.