We have rounded up the top accessories to get you grilling this Thanksgiving!

Must Have Thanksgiving Accessories


Look no further for a list of the must have accessories to ensure a successful Thanksgiving meal off your Weber Grill. 

Top 6 Thanksgiving Accessories

1. Smoker Box
Add a smoker box to any gas grill to turn your grill into a smoker. Soak the chips for 30 minutes in water and then add them to the box. The best wood chip flavors for turkey are:  apple, cherry, hickory, or pecan

Get more tips on smoking on your gas grill here

2. iGrill
Turkeys take a long time to cook and with the colder weather that most of us have in November, you are going to want your grill to stay nice and warm, so that means no peeking! This is where the iGrill comes in! The iGrill is an app-connected thermometer that will send alerts right to your phone about the internal doneness of the turkey. Trust me, you are going to be thankful for this accessory!  

3. Premium Barbecue Rack
Use the 2-in-1 premium barbecue rack for your turkey with a drip pan directly underneath to catch the drippings and use them throughout the cook to baste the turkey. Flip it over, and you can fit up to 5 racks of ribs. 

You might check out our fan favorite recipe that uses this technique, Brined and Barbecued Turkey with Pan Gravy.

4. Drip Pans
Use these pans under your turkey to catch drippings and keep your grill clean! Use them under the grates if you need extra clearance height for your rotisserie turkey. 

5. Premium Grill Gloves
These gloves are great for giving you maximum grip on food or accessories on the grill. Bonus, they keep your hands warm too!

6. Deluxe Grilling Basket
Add some grilled veggies to your dinner table with this veggie basket. The sides on this pan are high enough to stir your veggies without fear of them falling through the grates!

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