Can you guess these footballers’ favorite dishes?Footballers and their favorite food



Tom Huddlestone

Great at predicting wins (in an interview, he named France or Belgium to take this year’s World Cup), English midfielder Tom Huddlestone was once asked to give up his favorite condiment—tomato sauce—as part of a strict football diet. If the tart yet sweet flavor of tomatoes is what he’s after, perhaps he could cheat a little with our recipe for Barbeque Chicken with Tomato Salsa if he’s ever put through such a diet next time.


Diego Forlan

Though retired from international football since 2015, Diego Forlan and his remarkable record of 112 caps and 36 goals scored—Uruguay’s all-time top scorer until Luis Suarez overtook his record—won’t soon be forgotten. The 39-year-old’s favorite dish? – Omelettes (though he’s said he prefers just the egg whites). Our guess is that he would be a fan of our recipe for Grilled Egg White, Veggie and Goat Cheese Frittata.


Adnan Januzaj

Great on the front line and a great asset to Belgium this past month (kudos for placing third), Adnan was found wanting in the past for poor date etiquette and was chastised by the media for being “stingy” when it was revealed that he took a girl to Nando’s—in his tracksuit no less—much to the chagrin of his date. If it’s chicken with a kick he’s after, perhaps next time he could invite his date home for some candlelit fresh-off-the-grill Ayam Bakar instead. A little spicy thanks to the birds eye chili in the recipe, this Indonesian staple is pure poultry in motion.


Joe Hart

At 31 years old and self-admittedly “one of the oldest”, the Manchester City goalkeeper seemed enthusiastic about the younger talent joining the ranks, stating in an interview last year that he loves “the energy and the freshness that the young lads bring”—this was of course before he found out he didn’t make it on this year’s 23-man England squad (the three goalkeepers who made the cut were Jordan Pickford, Jack Butland and Nick Pope, all between the age of 24-26 years old). Nevertheless, we share his love for well-grilled cut of medium rare Garlic Crusted Rib-Eye with Grilled Broccoli.