Basic tips to help keep your grill going season after season.

Season-to-Season Cleaning Tips for your Summit Charcoal Grill


1. When the grill is cool, brush or scrape off built-up carbon on the underside of the lid.

2.  Brush the cooking, charcoal grates and diffuser plate to remove the leftover debris from your last grilling session. 

3. Using a clean brush, clear the burner tube ports of rust and debris by brushing across them, not down the length of the burner.

4. Use a scraper to chip away any hard-to-remove debris on the inside of the bowl. Use the One-Touch Cleaning System™ to push ashes and debris into the ash catcher. 

5. Make sure to empty the ash catcher - ashes left sitting in the ash catcher can promote corrosion.

6. Use our exterior grill cleaner to clean the outside lid and use our stainless steel cleaner on the side table of your grill.