5 Tips To Winter Grilling


As the leaves begin to fall and the temperature drops follow these few tips for grilling in the cold. 

1.  Trust the Grill 
Weber Grills are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they perform at a superior level in any type of weather. Whether your forte is charcoal grilling or gas grilling you will be good to go with Weber!  So no need to store your grill for the approaching winter, keep it standing tall in your backyard.

Your Weber Grill performs well in different weather scenarios because of the high-quality material used in production.  For example, our lids, bowls, and shrouds, are coated in porcelain-enamel.  Porcelain-enamel is glass fused to high-quality steel, and it is baked on at an estimated 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.  This means that your grill will hold in heat extremely well during the colder seasons.

2.  Keep it Covered
At Weber, we always recommend simple solutions to maintaining your grill throughout the decades.  Getting a cover for your grill before winter is important because it not only will protect your grill from the elements, but a cover makes grilling more convenient during the months of heavy snowfall. Simply dust the snow off the cover with a shovel or brush, then remove the cover, and you have yourself a snow free grill. I always recommend keeping a shovel or brush right outside your back door to clear a path to your grill as well.

3.  Fuel Check
Make sure to keep extra fuel nearby during cold months   Charcoal should be stored in a dry place protected from snow or rain. When you are grilling with charcoal be sure to use a little extra because it will burn quicker in colder and windy weather. For all gas grilling remember to preheat with all burners on high for at least 15 minutes.  Having a full gas tank and extra charcoal ensures you will be able to keep your grill at the desired temperature.

4. Looking Ain ’t Cooking
At Weber we like to say, “looking ain’t cooking.”  This ties into trusting your Weber grill to do the job right.  In colder weather it is important that you do not open your grill and peak at what you’re grilling.  Opening your grill too much will cause all the heat to escape and the grill to drop in temperature.  So keep that lid closed, set your timer, and limit the looking at what you’re cooking! 

5.  Stay Warm and Safe
The Midwest hit some low record-breaking temperatures last year, so just remember if you are going out in the cold to grill, bundle up in your winter gear, tuck in any scarfs inside your coat, and use your grilling gloves when handling the grill! 

Grill On!