Turkey Size and Roasting Guide

What size turkey fits in my barbecue?

Weber Charcoal Kettles    All 57cm Charcoal Kettles    6kg to 7kg
Weber QsBaby Q100/1000Turkey Roll Only
Baby Q120/12003kg
Family Q305/31004.5kg
Family Q320/32006kg
Weber SpiritAll models5kg to 6kg
Weber GenesisAll models 6kg to 7kg
Weber SummitAll models6kg to 7kg
Herb Rubbed Brined Turkey

How to calculate the cooking time for your turkey

We recommend that you cook the turkey for 20 minutes per kilo, plus an additional 20 minutes.

For example, a 5kg turkey will take roughly 120 minutes to cook through.

(20 minutes x 5 kg + 20 minutes = 120 minutes)

 Note:It is important to remember that these cooking times are intended as a guide only. The actual cooking time can vary depending on ambient temperature, wind and the temperature of the turkey when you start cooking. We always recommend that you use a meat thermometer to confirm that your turkey is cooked.

Turkey With Thermometer

How to use a meat thermometer on your turkey

The safe final doneness for your turkey is 74°C. You can take the turkey off the barbecue once it reaches 71°C, as the internal temperature will continue to rise 3°C to 6°C while it’s resting.

 We’ve found that the best position for inserting a probe is in the front of the breast, as shown above.

A tip on stuffing your turkey

Turkeys cooked without stuffing are less likely to dry out. This is because the juices in the cavity steam up through the breast while cooking. If you like stuffing, cook it in a foil pan beside the turkey.

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