How to Prepare Fennel | Vegetables | Weber BBQ
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How toPrepare Fennel

If desired, remove the fronds from the fennel bulb and set aside as a garnish.

How To Prepare Grill Fennel 2

Cut away and discard the stalks from the fennel bulb.

How To Prepare Grill Fennel 3

Cut the fennel bulb into quarters.

How To Prepare Grill Fennel 4

Cut and discard the centre of the core, leaving a little amount of the core behind (this will hold the fennel together).

How To Prepare Grill Fennel 5

For Fennel Wedges

Cut the wedges into smaller 1cm thick wedges. 

How To Prepare Grill Fennel 6

For Thinly Sliced Fennel

With a fennel quarter, sit it on a flat edge. Using a very sharp knife, thinly slice into 2 mm thick slices. This can be done on a mandolin.

How To Prepare Grill Fennel 7

Let's Gear up Recommended Tools