Chopping an Onion

Technique Class2B3 1

Cut the onion in half through the stem and root-ends.

Technique Class2B3 2

Peel off the skin and possibly one layer of each half using a paring knife. Trim about 1 cm from the stem-end of each half, but during the rest of the chopping process, keep the root-ends intact; otherwise the onion will fall apart.

Technique Class2B3 6

Lay each half, flat-side facing down, on a chopping board. Hold the onion steady with the fingertips of one hand. With the other hand, make a series of horizontal cuts from the stem towards the root-end but not through it.

Technique Class2B3 7
Technique Class2B3 8
Technique Class2B3 3

Then make a series of vertical cuts, with the tip of the knife cutting almost but not quite through the root-end.

Technique Class2B3 4
Technique Class2B3 5
Technique Class2B3 9

Then cut each half crossways to dice into evenly-sized pieces. The size of the pieces depends on how far apart you make each horizontal, vertical and crossways cut.

Technique Class2B3 10
Technique Class2B3 11
Technique Class2B3 12

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