How to Grill Flatbreads | Mastering Breads and Pizza | Weber BBQ
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How toGrill Flatbreads

Roll the flatbread dough onto a sheet of baking paper. If needed, lightly dust the baking paper with flour. 

How To Grill Flat Breads 1

If desired, brush the top of the flatbread with oil or ghee (clarified butter). 

How To Grill Flat Breads 2

Once the barbecue has preheated. Brush the cooking grills clean.

How To Grill Flat Breads 3

Pick up the flatbread on the baking paper on your hand and swiftly place the flatbread onto the cooking grill, oil side down

How To Grill Flat Breads 4

Peel off the baking paper. Close the barbecue lid and cook for 1 to 2 minutes over direct medium-high heat, or until nice grill marks appear. 

If desired, brush the top of the flatbread with a little oil or melted ghee. Flip the flatbread over and continue to cook for a further 1 to 2 minutes.

As the flatbreads cook, store them in a clean kitchen tea towel, to keep warm.

How To Grill Flat Breads 5

The flatbreads can also be cooked on a hotplate, frying pan or on a Pulse Grilling Stone. 

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