At Home with Weber

At Weber we celebrate the importance of spending time with your family. We are strong believers that barbecuing is a great way to bring your loved ones together. The memories created around the barbecue or dinner table is something that is invaluable. 

The Weber team feel that personally, barbecuing and being connected with food is a way that we can de-stress, allow a welcome distraction, get creative and of course be rewarded with a satisfying meal.

We hope that you can also find some light in getting connected to food and make the most out of being home. We will be here to provide you with even more support and inspiration on barbecue meals that you can cook at home.

At Home with Weber

Limited Ingredients Collection

This collection of recipes has been designed to use minimal, store bought ingredients. They have a maximum of 6 ingredients, except for olive oil, salt and pepper. So even if you are only able to get a few ingredients from the shops, you can still create a delicious home cooked meal on the barbecue. 

At home with Weber

The Kids Recipe Collection

Are you at home with the kids and are looking for a fun, creative way to keep them entertained? 

Well the team here at Weber are setting your kids the challenge to try these super tasty, fun and simple barbecue meals, that will reward them (and you) with scrumptious goodies at the end, and probably serve a few laughs along the way! 

At home with Weber

Our Entertaining Collection

Socially distanced dinners and gatherings are a new reality of today’s world. As restrictions are easing, we are excited that you can now open your homes to your loved ones. It's time to celebrate by hosting the family dinners or have the mates over for a backyard barbie. 

To give you a helping hand we have created these recipes with easy entertaining in mind. These dishes are designed to be shared and require minimal effort, so you can get back to enjoying the simple things in life; enjoying this time reconnecting with your family and friends.