Advanced Course | WEBERグリルアカデミー
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Advanced Course

Advanced Course

  • 3 時間






Experiences are made and special memories are created. As an advanced griller, and a master at grilling meats, you might be wondering, ”what else can I cook to up my game in barbecue?”

In our Advanced Course, you’ll learn the art of smoking meats and is suitable for all keen grillers and for those who want to discover new flavours.

A unique hands-on experience, this Advanced Course teaches you the Weber Way of barbecuing, demonstrates smoking techniques, as well as covering key skills such as lighting the grill and temperature control.

Learn how to create a delicious marinated whole chicken and smoke a Atlantic Salmon on the cedar plank, baby back ribs with barbecue sauce, bake delicious potato gratin and learn to make a warm Banana Foster with ice-cream on top!

Get the most from your barbecue and join our 3-hour Advanced Course.

*This lesson includes a BBQ menu and free drinks.
*Additionally guests will receive a certificate at the end of the session.

  • 上級者向けのコース | ADVANCED COURSE
  • 時間: 3時間 | DURATION: 3 HOURS
  • メニュー: 5品 | 5 COURSE MENU
  • 参加費: 17,,000円 | PRICE: ¥17,000
  1. 1番目 Dish 1  
    Dish 1: 杉板サーモン(スモーク)| Cedar Plank Salmon  
  2. 2番目 Dish 2  
    Dish 2: ポテトグラタン | Potato Gratin  
  3. 3番目 Dish 3  
    Dish 3: 鶏の丸焼き | Whole Chicken
  4. 4番目 Dish 4  
    Dish 4: ベビーバックリブ | Baby Back Ribs
  5. 5番目 Dish 5  
    Dish 5: バナナズ・フォスター | Banana Foster
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Weber Grill Academy
107-0062 東京都
グリル・アカデミー アクアシティお台場
〒135-0091 東京都港区台場1丁目7−1屋上
135-0091 東京都