Using a Chimney Starter

Why use a chimney starter?

Chimney starters are a fantastic way to get you barbecuing quicker by reducing the light up time for your fuel. It’s design funnels the heat evenly throughout the fuel, lighting it faster. With two clever handles , you can easily and safely tip the lit fuel out of the chimney starter onto the charcoal grate, where ever it’s needed.

Step 1

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The easiest method for lighting any kind of charcoal is to use a chimney starter – an upright metal cylinder with a handle on the outside and wire rack inside. Simply place 2-3 fire lighters (or some scrunched newspaper) underneath the chiney starter, then fill it with the required amount of briquettes.

Step 2

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Once you light the newspaper, some impressive thermodynamics channel the heat evenly throughout the briquettes.

Step 3

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When the briquettes are lightly covered with white ash, put on two insulated barbecue mitts and grab hold of the two handles on the chimney starter. The swinging handle is there to help you lift the chimney starter and safely aim the coals just where you want them.

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