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Christmas in July

Whether you’re looking to develop the skills to produce a Christmas-in-July or Christmas feast at home, are missing all the Christmas seasonal spoils, or just want to get some friends together to celebrate Christmas in July, join us for this hands-on festive barbecue experience.

This course will teach you how to perfect some festive favourites, including juicy grilled prawns, succulent Christmas turkey and pavlova with seasonal fruits. This course is ideal for those new to barbecuing or looking for a solid foundation across all the different types of barbecues – including gas, charcoal and electric barbecues – plus a range of accessories.

Courses are capped at 20 attendees to ensure that all guests can get as up-close-and-personal as they like. Your ticket includes all food and beverages during the experience, and the event concludes with a sit-down shared meal.

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