Testimonials From Asia


Great way to spend a Sunday!

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Hi Chef Desmond, I would like to thank Weber and you for hosting me at the Weber Store and sharing with me knowledge about barbecue that I never knew. Even growing up in South Africa and grilling at a young age.You are very professional and have very deep knowledge about barbecue. I had a lot of fun chatting with you...

What a great way to spend a Sunday! I will definitely share this unique experience with all of my friends and colleagues in Singapore.

Thank you once again!

- Gareth Stevens, Weber Store Experience


Around the world and back


Self-declared ‘True Weber fans’, Ng Su-Lin and Nathalie Zimmermann’s Weber Original Premium Kettle is an essential part of their life and has followed them each time they’ve moved to a new country. “We bought our Weber Original Premium Kettle when we were living in Germany [a few years ago]. The Kettle moved with us to South Korea and back to Singapore.”

“The Weber Kettle has become our second (sometimes first) kitchen.”

Like many Weber fans, the duo often take advantage of fresh local produce and experiment with grilling styles. “We have barbequed delicious local meats from each country in the kettle… Nathalie loves to try different grilling techniques and recipes much to the delight of our guests!” They can’t wait to attend a class at our Grilling Academy —and we can’t wait to see them there!

- Ng Su-Lin and Nathalie Zimmermann, Weber Original Premium Kettle


A Really Hot Guy


Mr. Weber—as we call him, is part of our family. With him we enjoy cooking on the patio and he always delights us and our friends with great food. Always there, fast, healthy and a really hot guy.

- Ruediger Paetzold, Weber Spirit E330