Your perfectly, imperfect handcrafted Weber Kettle

Weber Kettles have been seen in backyards for decades. The secret to their longevity is a process used since the early 1950’s. 

What makes a Weber Kettle so unique? 

  • Every Weber Kettle has a layer of black enamel powder sprayed onto the steel which is then heated in industrial kilns at over 815 degrees Celsius. The high heat melts the enamel powder. This creates an impenetrable, rust-proof surface over the steel. This can last decades and is super easy to clean.
  • To make a colour kettle, a 2nd layer of enamel powder is sprayed over the black lids and bowls by hand. Once sprayed they are sent through the kiln at high heat again to seal the second layer.
  • The process of adding the second layer by hand can sometimes result in seeing the black undercoat on certain locations on the lid and bowl. It is completely normal to see this happen.
  • Every coloured lid and bowl will have its own unique characteristics and no two kettles are exactly the same.