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Mothers Day

Mothers Day

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  • 3 Hour(s)

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a hands-on grilling class at the Weber Grill Academy.

A unique hands-on experience, this Mother’s Day Special will teach you to quickly find your way around the grill and share a delicious meal together. 

Learn how to grill seafood, vegetables, a unique burger with pineapple “bun” and a warm cheesecake for dessert.

Discover what’s possible on your barbecue with our 3-hour Mother’s Day Special

  • Appetizer: Grilled Shrimp En Papillote
  • Side Dish: Roasted Seasonal Vegetables
  • Main: Cedar Plank King Salmon
  • Main: Pineapple “Bun” Wagyu Burgers
  • Dessert: Warm Cheese Cake
  • BYO: No corkage fee
5 Course Menu
  1. 1st Appetizer  
    Appetizer: Grilled Shrimp En Papillote‚Ä® 
  2. 2nd Side Dish  
    Side Dish: Roasted Seasonal Vegetables  
  3. 3rd Main  
    Main: Cedar Plank King Salmon
  4. 4th Main  
    Main: Pineapple “Bun” Wagyu Burgers
  5. 5th Dessert  
    Dessert: Warm Cheese Cake
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