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  • 3 Hour(s)

In many Asian dishes, smoke is introduced to create additional depths of flavour. In our Advanced Asian Classics Course, you’ll learn the art of smoking and elevating North and South Asia dishes.

A unique hands-on experience, this Advanced Asian Classics course teaches you the Weber Way of barbecuing, demonstrates smoking techniques, as well as cover key skills such as lighting the grill and temperature control.

As part of this course you’ll be placed into groups together with other participants to prepare and grill the food together. Learn how to create scrumptious Thai Style Smoked Chicken Wings, Assorted Japanese Grilled Vegetables on Skewers, Malaysia Style Barbecued Char Siew, Smoked Korean Rump-Cap marinated in bulgogi marinade, and learn to make Japanese Souffle Pancake dessert on the grill.

Discover what’s possible on your barbecue with our 3-hour Advanced Asian Classics Course.

Important: It is highly recommended to join our Standard Grill Academy courses first to explore the fundamentals of barbecue grilling, as these Advanced courses will involve techniques that are introduced in detail in those courses. Do check out Discover Grilling, American Classics, Family Classics and Asian Classics first.

  • PRICE: $180
  • BYO: No corkage fee
5 Course Menu
  1. 1st Appetizer  
    Appetizer: Thai Style Smoked Chicken Wing  
  2. 2nd Side Dish  
    Side Dish: Assorted Japanese Grilled Vegetables on Skewers  
  3. 3rd Main  
    Main: Barbecue Char Siew
  4. 4th Main  
    Main: Smoked Korean Style Grain-Fed Beef Rump cap with Bulgogi Marinade
  5. 5th Dessert  
    Dessert: Japanese Soufflé Pancake with Maple Syrup
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