Preventing Flare-ups


Like you, I’ve been mentally preparing myself for grill season by drooling over new recipes and stocking up on spices. Since I grill all year, I’m ready to go -- but a little preventative maintenance is still a good idea.

First of all, when you put the meat on your grill, don’t close the lid and walk away. Most flare-ups on charcoal grills begin within a few seconds, or right after you turn the food over.

Make sure you have a charcoal-free zone by stacking the charcoal on both sides of the bowl and leaving an area clear in the center. This way if you do have a flare-up you can quickly move the food to the middle, wait a few seconds until the oil and fat burn off, then move it back over the charcoal area for direct cooking.

Flare-ups on a Weber gas grill are less common because the angled Flavorizer Bars cover the burner tubes and direct grease into the catch-pan under the cooking box. However, here a few tips to remember:

  • Wipe your catch-pan: Make sure the grease catch-pan is wiped clean of accumulated fats and oils.
  • Preheat your grill: Properly preheat your grill so excess debris is burned off the cooking grates and the Flavorizer® Bars.
  • Brush your grates: Brush any remaining debris off with a Weber stainless steel grill brush.
  • Cut your meat: Trim the excess fat from your meat.
  • Carefully apply oil: Make sure you don’t over-oil your food.

I think you’re good to go!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of sirloin.” Kevin Kolman