Installing iGrill 3 in 10 Quick Steps


So, you’re kicking off 2017 with a new Genesis II or Genesis II LX grill. What better way to sweeten the deal than with its trusty sidekick also known as the iGrill 3?

Before you grill the perfect steak with your new tech gadget, install the iGrill 3 into your Genesis II or Genesis II LX grill with these quick steps!

  • Remove screws behind “iGrill 3 ready” plate.
  • Remove LED Fuel Gauge.
  • Ensure tank scale has one magnet installed if using a Genesis II. If using a Genesis II LX, a magnet will already be installed in which case you can set aside the magnet included with your iGrill 3.
  • Install bracket underneath side table.
  • Install three fresh AA batteries into the battery box and mount it using the bracket.
  • Plug in the battery cable connection to the iGrill 3.
  • Snap iGrill 3 into its place; no screws required!
  • Clean surface wire before applying wire clip, then peel and stick.
  • Secure all wires using the wire retention clip.
  • Download Weber iGrill app to your smart phone or tablet, pair through the app, plug in the probes, and get to grilling!

Once your iGrill 3 has been successfully installed into your Genesis II or Genesis II LX grill and your iGrill 3 is paired to your smart phone or tablet, you can take advantage of temperature presets, grilling alerts, tank scale and sensor kit (for liquid propane Genesis II grills), and more!