These 6 Weber Grills Are Perfect For Beginners. Here's Why.


In every griller’s life, there comes a day where you get to choose your very first grill. This can be an overwhelming decision to make, especially if you've not had any experience in grilling. That’s where we can help.

Check out our list below for several Weber grills for beginners to enjoy grilling with for years to come.


Perfect for the beginner looking for the OG grilling experience

1. Smokey Joe® Premium Charcoal Grill 37cm

Our Smokey Joe® Premium Charcoal grill is the perfect size for any beginner who's a little tight for storage space. This model is small enough that post-barbecue clean-up isn't overwhelming, and it can easily be tucked away into a spare corner once you're done. 

Large enough to comfortably feed 2-3 people, you can even fit a whole chicken under its lid! Don't believe us? Try using it to make our Easy Rosemary Roasted Chicken, a beginner level barbecue classic.

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2. Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Grillers can literally go anywhere with our Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill! Perfect for the adventurous beginner who loves to go camping, with its convenient tuck-n-carry lid lock this light-weight model is always ready to come with you on your next outdoor adventure.

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3. Original Kettle Charcoal Grill 47cm

With a grilling capacity of 6-8 people, our Original Kettle Charcoal Grill 47cm is a great starting point for beginner barbecue party hosts.

Why not get our4-piece Original Kettle 47cm Starter Kit? You’ll get the grill with an Instant-read thermometer, Premium Tongs, and a Premium Grill cover, giving you all the right tools to start grilling the Weber Way from day one.

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Perfect for the beginner looking for a fuss-free grilling experience

1. Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill

Think you can’t get a grill because you live in a condominium unit? Think again. Balcony grillers (or as we call them, SkyGrillers) will appreciate the convenience of the Weber Q 1400. Weighing in at only 15.4kg, it can be easily transported to your condominium balcony, allowing you to grill in the comfort of your own home.

Worried about power sources? Don’t be. The grill comes with a 6-foot long grounded cord, making it easy to connect to your nearest plug-in point anywhere in your apartment. 

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Perfect for the beginner who wants to experiment and take full control

1. Weber Q 1200 Gas Grill

One of our more compact gas models, the Weber Q 1200 Gas Grill is perfect for the rookie looking for the convenience of a little grill, with the performance of a big one. The grill comes with Infinite Control Burner Valves, which allow experimental beginners total temperature control to figure out the best heat levels for their desired cooking results.  Looking for the right partner to help you perfect your steaks? Look no further. 

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2. Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill

We get it, you want a grill that does it all. For the beginner who believes in “go big or go home”, it has to be the Weber Spirit E-310.

Built with the infinity ignition system, which is guaranteed to ignite every time, it also comes with the classic Weber Flavorizer bars to add an irresistible smoky flavor to your food and a nifty Grease Management System to make grease removal a breeze.

The Weber Spirit E-310 is a grill in a class of its own and will take you from grill novice to grill master in no time, flat. 

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Now that you know what grill works best for your lifestyle, consider owning one of them (or if you already do, why not pair it with our complementing Weber grill cover and grill brush? Find out more about them here.