Grilling Beer Can Chicken, the Safe and Easy Way


One of my favorite meals to grill is beer can chicken.  Now with the collapsible poultry roaster, I can make it easier and safer, all with a tool that fits in a drawer.

The results are always spectacular, and the presentation is something to behold.  A chicken surrounded by hot coals, perched on an aluminum can, is a fairly memorable sight.  

While beer can chicken is easy to grill, and it really is if you have never tried it, the use of a solitary can is sometimes problematic. Whether mounting the bird on the can at the beginning of the cook, or removing the can at the end, both maneuvers can be tricky.

The last thing anyone wants is to waste beer before the bird hits the grill, or to spill hot beer when done.  Thankfully, Weber's new collapsible poultry roaster makes the process a lot easier.

The poultry roaster and its collapsible arms hold a 12 ounce can (I say beer, but you can use whatever you like).  By holding the can, the roaster provides a larger base increasing the stability of the chicken.

My sister called me in a panic once as she was making beer can chicken and the chicken's legs couldn't touch the grill.  With the poultry roaster, she wouldn't have had to worry.

Without the roaster, beer can chicken is a three leg stool. With the roaster, the chicken has a recliner. It’s not going anywhere.

Not only does the roaster make grilling the chicken easier, it makes removing the can a lot safer.  An aluminum can filled with a hot liquid is trouble waiting to happen.  The roaster bottom gives me something larger to grab on to making the entire process of retrieving the can a breeze.  

Couple the cooking benefits with the roaster’s collapsible space saving design and I’ve got a new go-to grilling tool for all my beer can chicken needs.