Delicious Kalbi on the Korean BBQ System


Years ago if you had asked me about Korean BBQ on the grill I would have wondered what you were talking about.  Today, Korean BBQ is a staple on the grill and one dish many cannot get enough of!

The flavor, taste, and most importantly, the way it is cooked, is something my family in particular simply loves.  My mother-in-law and father-in-law are from Busan, South Korea, and they have provided me with the absolute best educational experience on how to do authentic Korean BBQ. 

My mother-in-law has taught me how to make, marinate, and even grill bulgogi and kalbi. Bulgogi is a thinly sliced rib eye steak, flat iron steak, or beef cut of your liking. Kalbi is a beef short rib, also known as a flaken cut, which is produced when you cut across the rib bone.

Your local butcher should be able to provide you with this cut upon request. You can also find it at your local Korean market or Asian store. 

Here is my favorite go to recipe for kalbi. Fortunately for me, I can now do it with the Weber Korean BBQ System insert in my own backyard. 

Korean BBQ Kalbi


5   lbs. of kalbi

1    cup brown sugar
¼   cup water
3    oz. lemon lime soda 
1    cup soy sauce
¼   cup olive oil
¼   sesame seed oil
2    small onions peeled and pureed 
¼   cup fresh minced garlic (1/2 if you love garlic)
4    tablespoons of sesame seeds
3    green onion stalks sliced diagonally 


1.  Whisk all marinade ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.

2.  Divide the 5 pounds of kalbi into two large food safe plastic bags.

3.  Pour half the marinade into each bag and seal.

4. Marinade for 12-14 hours.

Grill Instructions:

1.  Preheat your grill with the Korean BBQ System insert for 15 minutes on high.

2.  Turn the heat down to 450-500 degrees (medium/high direct heat).

3.  Place Kalbi on the Korean BBQ System insert and grill 2-3 minutes per side. Try to place the beef rib towards the bottom of the system for more caramelization.

4. Enjoy!