How to Avoid The Top 5 Grilling Mistakes


Top 5 Grilling Mistakes

1.  Running out of fuel!  Before you even get started this can kill your BBQ dreams.  This is one of the easiest mistakes to avoid, but one that will leave you not only disgraced in the backyard, but more important hungry.  So always check your tank level and have a back up.  And if you are a habitual BBQ’er that consistently runs low, have a back up to the back up!

2.  Using BBQ tools the wrong way and at the wrong times.  Too many times grillers try to flip fish, pizza, burgers, and brisket with tongs.  This is one of the worst things you can do because it will pull the bark off of your brisket, split your burger in two, shred your fish, or leave your pizza with holes. Use a spatula instead. Tongs are best for hot dogs, chicken, steak, pork chops, ribs and skewers. So please, use the right tool for the right food. Trust me your friends and family will thank you.

3.  Grilling at temperatures that are too high.  This is one that I see almost everyday.  People have the grill too high and wonder why the food comes out burnt, tasting like char, is over cooked on the outside and undercooked on the inside, or sticks to the grates.  My ideal grilling temperature zone is 450-500 degrees, if not a little hotter.  Anything more can cause the above and leave your grilled food a disaster.  #turndowntheheatandturnuptheflavor

4. Using a meat thermometer the wrong way.  I have seen people use the meat thermometer from top to bottom. This makes finding the actual internal temperature almost impossible.  I like going in from the side. This allows you to find the true middle of the meat, and also a better and truer measurement of your meat temps. So, next time you use yours, try going in from the sides.  This also makes it easier if you are using a wireless thermometer when flipping food.

5. Not asking for advice until it is too late. At Weber, we are always here to help, but that can be a challenge when time is running out.  Ask first and enjoy BBQ second.  An easy thing to do is get a grilling game plan set for your next cook. Focus on what you are cooking, how long it will cook, the time it will cook, and the temperature at which you will be cooking. If you have questions, ask early and often so when your game day grilling comes, you can grill the best meal ever.