Are You Ready for Some Football?


When it comes to throwing a tailgate party, my motto has always been to “go big or go home.” So before you load up the vehicle to party at your nearest stadium, check out my top picks for your tailgating barbecue grill.

If you’re going for charcoal, my first round draft pick is definitely the Weber® Smokey Joe® charcoal grill. The Tuck-N-Carry lid lock feature is an awesome innovation— you can use it as a lid holder so you can carry the grill. It’s my #1 draft pick for cooking burgers, brats and chicken for a small family.

Now if you’re looking for the franchise tag – the best player – the 22" Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill gives you a large cooking area for a huge tailgate party. This iconic kettle is a classic that can feed a crowd with the smoky flavor of the perfect grilled meal.

The savvy veteran would be the Weber® Charcoal Go-Anywhere® grill, which gives you enough space to cook for 6 to 8 people and also has a locking lid to make it easy for carrying to and from the big games.

My top pick for gas grills are the Weber® Q® series grills. Don’t let the size of these grills fool you. The Weber® Q® 100 grill gives you ample space for a party of 6 to 10 people. It has a large capacity, and comes with a porcelain enamel cast-iron grate which provides the perfect sear to your pre-game grub. Also check out the Weber® Q®120 gas grill which includes a thermometer so you can manage the heat and a higher lid profile for larger cuts of meats.

If you are a grilling expert, try my personal franchise player— the Weber® Q® 2200 gas grill. You can see me tailgating at Chicago Bears games with it because it has electronic ignition, a bigger lid and a thermometer that takes tailgating to a whole new level. Additionally, the big domed lid area gives me more than enough space to cook all day for the army of people with me.

And those are my top picks this year for tailgating. Hopefully you choose one of our top players this year and we look forward to seeing you tailgating with us!