One-Touch Silver Ash Catcher Kit

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One-Touch Silver Ash Catcher Kit

Built for 22" Bar-B-Kettle, *most One-Touch, One-Touch Silver, and Original Kettle

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Every aspect of grilling should be easy. From the moment the coals are lit, to cleaning up after the big meal. The One-Touch Silver Ash Catcher Kit includes a tray that clips under the bowl of your charcoal grill to catch ash, making cleanup easy and life that much simpler.
Part Number: #7407

One-Touch Silver Ash Catcher Kit


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Out Of Carton Dimensions
6.35cm H x 34.04cm W x 34.04cm D
Individual Carton Dimensions
35.56cm H x 24.64cm W x 6.35cm D
22 inch Bar-B-Kettle charcoal grill, 22 inch One-Touch (prior to 2002 model year) charcoal grills, 22 inch One-Touch Silver charcoal grill, and 22 inch Original Kettle charcoal grill

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