Wood Chips and Chunks

Wood Chips and Chunks

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Adding wood smoke to your barbecue during cooking opens up a whole new world of flavours. Different types of wood produce different flavours and complement different meat and cooking styles.

Smoking woods vary in strength and intensity, so it’s very important to choose the right wood for your food and your taste buds. It’s important to only use untreated hardwoods to add that beautiful smoky flavour to your food. Softwoods from coniferous trees like pine can create bitter smoke that may in fact be toxic, and woods which have been treated with chemicals can be harmful too. Remember, if it’s in the smoke, it’s on your food.

Wood Chips

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Chips are great for short cooks, quickly infusing your food with a light smoky flavour. It is important to soak chips in water for at least 20 minutes before use, or they will likely catch fire and give your food an acrid taste, rather than slowly smoulder and smoke.

Wood Chunks

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Chunks are the best option for long cooks, such as roasts and low and slow cooking. Ranging anywhere in size between a golf ball and a large fist, smoking chunks can give you hours of smoke without the need to soak them first.

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