Trimming and PreparingLamb Ribs

Trimming Lamb Ribs 1

Place your ribs skin side down on a chopping board. Use a non-slip surface, to make sure the cutting board does not move during trimming.

Trimming Lamb Ribs 2

To first square off the set of ribs, slice alongside the smallest bone. Discarding the boneless tail end. 

Trimming Lamb Ribs 3

You can now lift the flap that is covering half of the ribs. Cut along the base of this flap that is joined to the rack and discard.

Trimming Lamb Ribs 4

It’s now time to remove the membrane protecting the bones. Removing the membrane will allow for greater smoke and flavour penetration. Using a butter knife, insert the tip at the edge of the bones, just under the membrane to lift up the membrane. 

Trimming Lamb Ribs 5

Use the knife to work the membrane away from the bones until you can get a firm grip on it.

Trimming Lamb Ribs 11

Get a piece of paper towel and use this to grab on to the membrane. Tear the membrane from the bones. This should come away in one sheet. 

Trimming Lamb Ribs 6

Once removed, your ribs should look similar to the picture above. 

Trimming Lamb Ribs 7

Flip the rack so the skin is now facing upwards. Start at the end with the longer bones. Grab the corner of the fat cap with your fingers, making sure not to separate the meat from the rack.  

Trimming Lamb Ribs 8

Peel off the fat cap. Use one hand to keep pressure on the rack whilst slowly removing the fat cap with your other hand. 

Trimming Lamb Ribs 9

The silver skin is now exposed. This is tough and chewy and will not be pleasant to eat. For that reason, we want to remove it. Make an incision with your trimming knife parallel to the rack. Slowly slide your knife between the meat and the skin, removing the sliver skin as you go. Be careful not to remove the meat. 

Trimming Lamb Ribs 10

Your ribs are ready to barbecue!

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