Setting up your Weber Q barbecue for Indirect Cooking (Q BURNER ONLY MODELS)

Q1000 N Ndirect Cooking

The indirect cooking method is used for roasting and baking. Food is not cooked directly over a heat source or directly on the cooking grill above a heat source.

Indirect cooking is recommended for foods that will take longer than 20 minutes to cook to completion, and they generally don’t need to be turned at all during the cooking process.

Roasting and baking:

Place a Weber Q Convection tray in a horizontal position in the centre of your Q cooking grill. Place a Q Roasting trivet on top of the convection tray. Light your barbecue, and pre-heat on high according to the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.

Once pre-heated, turn your Q burner control dial to the recommended cook setting appropriate to the cooking method and temperature range you’re trying to achieve. These are detailed in the Quick Start Guide for your barbecue.

For roast meats and vegetables, we recommend placing your food directly onto the roasting trivet. 

For baking, you will need a tray or dish to place your food in/on before you put it onto the roasting trivet. The Weber Q casserole dish and frying pan are both great for baking, but a baking tray, cake tin or muffin tray are also suitable. 

For pizza making, a pizza stone should be pre-heated on top of the convection tray and roasting trivet.

Place your food onto the barbecue (see above notes!), close the lid, and cook as directed in the recipe. There is no need to turn your food during cooking.

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