Is a barbecue just a barbecue?
Not when it’s a Weber®.

At Weber, continual innovation is at the forefront to ensure you, our customers, always experience the best cooking system on the planet, and boy are we excited by what’s new in stores this season!

The Weber® Genesis® II 2019/20 Range

Kicking things off is the Genesis II range. Where we’ve taken Australia’s best barbecue and made it better. The cooking system is arguably the heart of any barbecue, and 30 years after first revolutionising the market with Flavorizer® bars, we’ve done it again. 

After investing countless hours of research and development, reinventing and reengineering gas barbecue cooking, the new Genesis II range features the GS4™ cooking system.  Anyone who has used an ordinary gas barbecue knows that there are some common frustrations – uneven heat across the cooking system, flare ups and fat fires, and inconsistent ignition. The four components of the GS4 cooking system resolve all of these common flaws to deliver sensational barbecue food with incredible flavour.

The Infinity ignition system ensures your barbecue lights first time, every time, with a simple press of the ignitor button. The high-performance burners perfectly regulate gas flow to ensure even temperatures occur right across your cooking grill space – think a full mixed grill of succulent steaks, chops and vegetables!

When you then combine the stainless steel Flavorizer bars and clever Weber grease management system, gone are the days of unwanted flare ups. Channelling excess fat and debris safely past the burners down into the disposable drip pan below, you can enjoy fat free cooking. Better still, these amazing barbecues come with Weber’s 10 year, 100% Weber Guarantee, and the best customer service team in the country.

For a full list of features, head over to the relevant product page or go in store and pick up the Genesis II brochure.

The Weber® 57cm Master-Touch Plus

Now it’s time for the Ultimate 3-In-1 Barbecue. The all new Master-Touch Plus barbecues, roasts and smokes low and slow. Whether you’re looking to cook the perfect steak, enjoy a juicy roast chicken or feast on melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork, this barbecue can do it all. The GBS cooking grill provides infinite menu possibilities. Think crispy, gourmet pizzas, wok inspired sensations, or restaurant quality seared steaks; with the GBS grill, you really can have it all.

The char ring and diffuser plate ensure fuel efficiency and create the perfect conditions for low and slow cooking. Combine these with the new P-vent, maintaining the perfect temperatures for your long, slow cooks, and you’ll master the art of sticky pork ribs or succulent pulled lamb in no time at all.

For a full list of features, head over to the Master-Touch Plus product page or go in store and pick up the Premium Kettle brochure!

The Weber® 47cm Original Kettle

Paying homage to the Original Kettle, the 47cm is perfect for those tight on space or who simply like the compact nature of this amazing barbecue. Featuring the same lid down benefits as the 57cm Kettle, you can easily barbecue, roast and bake delicious meals with the incredible flavour only Weber lid down cooking provides.

Then when all is said and done, enjoy hassle free clean up with the One-Touch cleaning system to sweep ash and debris from the bottom of your kettle into the removable ash catcher below.

For a full list of features, head over to the 47cm Original Kettle product page or go in store and pick up the 2019 Weber Kettle brochure!

The Weber® 57cm Original Kettle Premium

Stay true to the modern version of the Kettle that started it all. The Original Premium Kettle features the incredible cooking versatility Weber is renowned for. Barbecue, roast and bake, all with the incredible lid down cooking system. With premium features such as the new P-vent smoke setting which regulates air flow for barbecuing at lower temperatures, you’ll master deliciously tender low and slow meals in no time at all.

Once your meal is cooked, the One-Touch Cleaning System with high capacity enclosed ash catcher, lets you sweep the bowl of your kettle clean, and allows for easy disposal once the ashes are cold. Then conveniently place your barbecuing tools on the integrated tool hooks and kick back and relax. The iconic kettle continues to be the barbecue made for everyone.

For a full list of features, head over to the 57cm Original Premium Kettle product page or go in store and pick up the 2019 Weber Kettle brochure!