What to expect from your instore design consultation


We strongly recommend that you book in a time with your local Outdoor Kitchen Retailer for a design consultation, so that they have the time to give you, and your Weber Outdoor Kitchen dream, the attention you deserve!

  • Weber Outdoor Kitchen retailers will have at least one Weber Outdoor Kitchen installed in their store, so you can expect to see, touch and feel the quality of the granite, cabinetry and finishes
  • If their Weber Outdoor Kitchen doesn’t include the barbecue you’re interested in, your design consultant will be able to show you a trolley/cart version of the product
  • Our Weber Outdoor Kitchen retailers are experts at helping consumers find the right solutions for their needs. You should expect that they’re going to have a range of questions for you about your lifestyle and how to provide you with the best solution to your needs, for example: 
    • How many people will regularly be cooking for?
    • How frequently will you use your outdoor kitchen?
    • What are your culinary ambitions?
    • What sort of an aesthetic are you leaning towards?
    • What is your budget?
    • What is your timeline for installation?
  • A design consultant will have an iPad in hand, with the Weber Outdoor Kitchen App launched, ready to help inspire, imagine and design your dream Weber Outdoor Kitchen
  • Explain, or ideally show, the design consultant the space in which you’re wanting to built your outdoor kitchen – this will help them get a sense for the space, size, limitations or parameters in which to work.
  • The selection will guide you through a series of selections:
    • Choose your barbecue – including burner configuration, colour (if applicable) and gas type
    • Choose your modules
    • Select your finishes – granite, door and drawer panels and appliance colours
  • The app will display an indicative price of your design, including Weber delivery and installation costs
  • Review, discuss and finesse your design until it meets your expectations
  • The quote emailed to you will include a copy of the outdoor kitchen you designed, along with confirmation of your selections, pricing and a blueprint showing the dimensions and points for services, such as natural gas, water and electricity, if applicable.

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