Grill AcademyThe Ultimate Barbecue Grazing Table


We’ve got a brand-new experience on offer that’s sure to please the barbecue foodies of Adelaide.

The Ultimate Barbecue Grazing Table experience brings together food, fire and fun, as you help to create, and then devour, the ultimate barbecue grazing table.

The experience starts with a demonstration of how-to lollipop chicken wings for the tastiest, easy-to-eat barbecue snack. You’ll have the opportunity to give it a ‘crack’ yourself, before the wings are cooked up and served, at which point you can settle the chicken wing debate of flats versus drums.

Our Weber Barbecue Experts will talk you through the menu, including slow cooked beef brisket, pork ribs, a smoked Wagyu beef coil sausage and smoky roasted nuts.

They’ll also showcase some simple and delicious ideas for barbecue ‘fillers’ that won’t break the bank but will fill hungry tummies – including moreish, salty American biscuits and juicy corn ribs.

If you’re feeling a bit saucy, we’ll talk you through some of our favourites, that are sure to leave you licking your fingers. Sauces include a traditional sweet barbecue sauce, a spicy hot sauce, a tangy Carolina mustard sauce and a creamy blue cheese sauce.

And how could we forget dessert!? A smoked apple ice-cream served with roasted nuts is sure to leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

So why not come with your barbecue ‘wing man’, a bunch of mates, or your better half for a fun evening out. Three beverages are included in the ticket price, with a bar available for those whose thirsts need further quenching.   

This experience is capped at 30 attendees, so that guests can engage with the presenters, ask questions and get involved.  

The course kicks off on Friday 17 February 2023, with selected dates available throughout the year. Tickets are $199.00 per person. Click here to find out more and to book.